Screen Printing

Who We Print For:

We screen print for a vast spectrum of demographics. Since we ship nation wide, we do not only have our locals business, we have a name in every town. 

School spirit - fundraising events - non profits - small, local businesses - corporate - community events - churches - restaurants - construction - demolition - artists - musicians - festivals - brands & more! 

We are Experts:

Our print technicians are experts in water-based, discharge and plastisol printing techniques. Using halftone printing we can produce high detail artwork. Distressed prints are available for a vintage look on any image. Specialty inks such as Metallic, Glitter and Reflective are available. Soft to the touch is affordable with discharge printing. If your looking for a particular look or feel, lets talk about it, we will make it happen!

Low Minimums:

Custom Print It offers a low minimum of 12 pieces. We use Industry leading technology & equipment that allows us to high volumes with a quick turnaround capacity.


A sales rep will connect with you within 24 hours! 

10 - 12 day turnaround


Spot color printing

The most common form of printing, spot color printing uses a full-tone (solid) color to create an image. Each color in the image is printed separately on its own screen, affecting the cost, but up to 6 spot colors on one location can be printed.

  • Yields Vibrant, Professional Quality Prints
  • Print on any color garment
  • Price: Less Expensive to More expensive, depending on the number of colors printed
  • Used For: Most standard print of logos, graphics, and text

Grayscale Printing

An inexpensive way to make a photograph or other multi color image into apparel. A grayscale of the image is created using full and half tones of black. Then the image can be printed in that "grayscale" version on a garment in any print color you choose.

  • Yields a Combination of Vibrant and Muted Color, Quality depends on size and resolution of photo
  • Print on any color garment, recommended for dark prints on light color garments for best results
  • Price: Inexpensive - the cheapest way to print a photograph or multi-colored image
  • Used For: One color versions of photos and multi-color images

4 color CMYK process printing

When printing a full color image or photograph that involves many colors and many gradients or shades of colors, process prints are used. The 4-Color CMYK process uses the basic colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to create the image, much like an inkjet printer.

  • Yields more muted, lighter colors (additional spot colors are recommended for text or items that need to stand out in the print)
  • Print only on white garments
  • Price: The lesser expensive way to create full color prints when many colors or shades of colors are involved
  • Used For: Photographs or Multi-Colored images with many tones of color when printing on a white shirt

Simulated Processes Printing

When printing a full color logo with many shades and tones of colors and a more vibrant, sharp print is desired, a simulated process is used. Unlike the 4-Color CMYK process, Sim-Process prints use a combination of spot colors and half tones to create all the colors in the image.

  • Yields vibrant, professional quality prints
  • Print on any color garment
  • Price: This is a more expensive option to print multiple colors and shades than the 4-Color CMYK process, but it is still less expensive than using individual spot colors for every shade. Typically it involves the use of 4-8 colors to create the design.
  • Used for: Full color images with many tones of color when printing on a dark shirt

Distresses Printing

In order to achieve a cracked, worn-in, eroded look, artists utilize filters prior to printing to remove parts of the images in a way to give it that vintage look.

  • Yields professional quality, eroded prints
  • Print on any color garment, recommended for dark prints on light color garments for best results
  • Price: There is no additional fee for making a print look eroded
  • Used For: Vintage-looking prints

Screen Print on

  • Screen printing is available on many fabric types and style garments
  • T-shirts - (Infant, Youth, Ladies. Men)
  • Tank tops
  • Long sleeves
  • Hoodies (zip & pullover)
  • Jackets (Cotton, Vinyl)
  • Hi Visibility Vests
  • Aprons
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Patches
  • Koozies
  • Tote / shopping bags
  • Truckers caps
  • Bibs
  • Shorts
  • Sweatpants
  • Sports Bras
  • Underwear

Finishing Options

Swing Tagging

Poly Bagging

Sew On Tags


Garments & Apparel:
Browse our online apparel catalog. This catalog houses our many available brands, styles and colors. Our team is able to source and supply many garment brands that are not listed in this catalog as well. Customers may supply garments (supply fee charged)

Available Print Locations:
Custom Print It offers many fun print locations to choose from. Looking for a special print location? Just request it.

Available Ink Colors:
Browse our available ink colors. We do our best to match your design with our available ink colors. You will find the ink colors that are being used on your order on your estimate/Invoice. You may purchase custom mixed PMS colors that we will keep on hand for all your orders. Available in Quarts $60 and Gallons $120. Ordered and used upon request. 

Need Graphic Design:
Our in house design team is ready to help bring your idea to life. Check out our design services page!

Note: Colors can appear differently on monitors. Ink colors shade can be effected by the garment material & color.